Hillary Clinton was back in Ohio for the first time since Labor Day on Monday.

Her first stop was in Toledo, followed by an event in Akron at the Goodyear Hall and Theater.

The fact that it's been 29 days since Clinton last visited the Buckeye State says a lot about how it's dropped as a must-win state for her.

Colorado, North Carolina, and Florida are all getting more visits and attention than Ohio. But why?

According to a published memo from Clinton's campaign manager, she can get the needed 270 electoral votes without Ohio.

But Ohio is a must-win state for Donald Trump. That explains why he's been in Northeastern Ohio five times since Labor Day. His tough talk on trade has been connecting with blue collar voters.

Clinton gets overwhelming support from Hispanic and African American communities, plus educated women voters. But Ohio is less diverse and has a lower education level than other key states.

Clinton would love to win Ohio and narrowly trails Donald Trump in most polls. Her campaign hopes well-timed appearances, lots of Trump-bashing television ads, and two more debates will move enough voters to carry Ohio.

A state that's now important but not essential to her.