Reptar, a 22 month-old Labrador Retriever, is a new addition to Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine's Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI).

Reptar has been trained to sniff out chemicals that are used in all electronic devices with storage capabilities such as computers, mobile phones, tablets, hard drives, USB storage devices and SD cards.

Authorities say these devices are commonly used by child pornography suspects who may hide them. Reptar is able to detect these electronic devices.

The lab and his BCI Special Agent partner and handler, Josh Rammel, are assigned to the Attorney General's BCI Crimes Against Children Unit. They are available to assist in other investigations that need hidden electronics found.

In a recent child pornography investigation, the K-9 detected a hidden SD card inside a drawer with a false bottom and uncovered a flash drive stashed in a stereo.

Not only is Reptar an electronics detection dog, he is also a comfort companion for victims that may be present at a search warrant scene.

Reptar is believed to be one of two law enforcement electronic detection dogs in the state and one of approximately 50 in the world.