A southern Ohio man was fired from his job this week after allegedly killing two dogs.

American Electric Power conformed to Steubenville's WTOV that Michael Chedester was fired from his position as a forestry supervisor earlier this week.

"AEP expects the highest level of conduct from our employees, both on the job and outside of work," the company said in a statement released to the station. "We are saddened by the situation that unfolded this week involving an off-duty AEPOhio employee and the death of the two dogs."

The 58-year-old St. Clairsville resident allegedly told authorities he shot the animals after the pair repeatedly chased some deer near the tree stand where he was hunting.

WTOV reports the pets belonged to Pete Byers.

He began a long search after realizing his pets Bella and Emma were gone.

Eventually, Byers told WTOV the search took him to Chedester's tree stand.

“I asked him, did you kill my dogs man, I want to know so I can bury them," Byers said, according to WTOV. "Meanwhile he keeps eyeing this new brush pile. That’s new and fresh. Then he kind of looks down his nose at me and says ‘yeah, I killed your dogs. You want me to buy you two new ones? I'll buy you two new dogs."

Chedester is now facing felony animal cruelty charges.

A Facebook post about the dogs was widely circulated on social media this week, but it appears as though the story has been removed.

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