Representative Bill Patmon was removed from the Ohio State House floor Wednesday afternoon in Columbus for refusing to take off his Cleveland Cavaliers hat in the floor of the House chamber.

Fans across the country are dawning their game day attire as we get set for tonight's Game 3 of the NBA Finals between the Cavs and Golden State Warriors and Patmon, a Democrat from Cleveland, was no different.

Patmon told WKYC that he was "dismissed" from Wednesday's meeting for declining to remove his Cavs hat.

According to Patmon, a clerk came over to him and asked him to remove his hat twice.

Both times he declined.

Patmon was told that it was inappropriate to wear a hat and that it violated floor rules.

Patmon responded citing other rules that are frequently broken on the House floor and questioned why those aren't enforced.

After reiterating that he was not going to remove his hat, Patmon told the speaker that he could dismiss him if he saw fit.

The Speaker did dismiss Patmon following his comments.