Law enforcement officials say they are far from determining a motive in the attack that injured 11 people yesterday at The Ohio State University in Columbus, however they have not ruled out terrorism.

On Monday, 18-year old Abdul Razak Ali Artan jumped a curb and crashed into faculty and students outside an engineering building before going on the attack with a butcher knife.

Investigators say it is possible terrorist propaganda played a role in inspiring him.

ISIS and al Qaeda have each urged followers to carry out attacks using vehicles and knives.

Two months ago, ISIS claimed credit for a knife attack that injured 9 people at a mall in Minnesota. In July, an ISIS-inspired truck attack in Nice, France left 84 people dead.

Then there are Artan’s own words.

He allegedly left a rant on his facebook page, writing attacks on Muslims around the world “led to a boiling point” and that “I can’t take it anymore.”

He also appeared to mention controversial American cleric Anwar al Awlaki, who was killed in 2011 by a U.S. drone in Yemen.

Officials say Artan was born in Somalia, fled with family to Pakistan in 2007, and then entered the U.S. two years ago to become a lawful permanent resident.

University police say they are confident he came to campus alone Monday and carried out the attack by himself. Yet they are not ruling out that others might have been involved in the plan or been aware of it.