COLUMBUS -- According to an Ohio State report, band director Jon Waters fired for allowing a "sexualized culture" to run rampant in the band. One issue is sexually explicit nicknames assigned to rookies by veterans members.

One name in the report, "Joobs," now has a real name to go with it: Alexandra Clark. She said she wasn't a "victim" at all. In a letter to University President Michael Drake, she called Waters' firing unjust.

Clark said her name wouldn't have been in the report or misspelled if the University had just asked her opinion. She has never been offended by it or its use:

"I would also like to point out that it is spelled Joobs, not 'Jewoobs' as they spelled it in the report. ... You turned a lighthearted joke and rookie name given to me by my row mates with my full consent into something shameful, and you decided that my entire identity could be boiled down to being a Jewish woman with a large chest."

She also said she was never forced to drink alcohol or participate in band traditions like "midnight ramp." She said always felt she had a choice.

Clark also admitted everyone in the band wasn't always on their best behavior:

"To expect a group of 225 people that live in a pressure cooker for several months at a time to never misbehave is frankly an irresponsible line of thinking."

Clark added, "I respect the efforts Jon Waters made to further TBDBITL on a national and international stage, as well as his efforts to advance inclusion and tolerance within the band."

She also said her father is a professor at the University and wouldn't have tolerated the "sexualized culture," if it existed.

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