ONTARIO, Ohio -- Authorities are searching for a woman after a hidden camera captured images of her apparently taking a stuffed toy off of a 14-month-old boy's grave.

The Ontario Police Department posted video of the incident on Facebook, which has since generated thousands of shares and hundreds of comments -- many fueled by outrage.

The footage shows an unidentified woman on Saturday, April 19 carrying a stuffed yellow duck away from Hayden "Tank" Cole Sheridan's grave. His parents tell police they left the toy there approximately four to five hours earlier so their son could have it for Easter.

Tank passed away in 2007.

"To actually see someone come up and do it, and not even give a care that she did it? There's a lot of anger," says Tank's mother Jaclyn Sheridan. "I put a yellow duck stuffed animal at my son's site on Saturday, and it was gone by Sunday."

The family first reached out to authorities in 2012 to report items being taken from their son's grave, including toys and solar night lights.

In response, police set up a hidden camera. Over time, they say items would disappear from the grave, but a clear image was never obtained.

Ontario Police say it's uncertain if this woman is responsible for any of the previously alleged thefts from Tank's grave.

Police say the family wants the person/s held responsible.

"Most of all, the family just wants some assurance that they can leave a night light and a stuffed animal at their son's grave without stealing it," the Ontario Police Department's Facebook post declares.

Ontario is located in Richland County, just outside of Mansfield.

Anybody who may have information or recognize the woman in the video is asked to call the Ontario Police Department at (419) 529-2115.