PULASKI -- A male police sergeant along the Ohio-Pennsylvania border was willing to do whatever it took to keep kids safe -- including dressing up like an Amish woman.

Police Sgt. Chad Adams donned women's garb to first catch a man who allegedly flashed Amish girls in Pulaski, Pa. -- and then eventually scare him away.

Partnered with a female officer from the nearby Wampum Police Department, the pair would walk outside in areas where the suspect had reportedly done his brazen acts before.

All the while, police were also catching the alleged perpetrator on camera from unmarked cars set up in driveways and barns.

The "sting" operation included seven to 10 days of walking around in bitter cold temperatures during the winter months.

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The suspect reportedly showed up in fairly secluded areas around 3 in the afternoon. Initially, the man reportedly stayed in his car.

Adams says as time progressed the flasher was getting out of his car and masturbating in front of children. Adams worried the man might eventually try to abduct or rape one of the children.

Three to four children were exposed to the indecent sight. The victims' families provided the clothes to Adams and his partner willingly to keep their kids safe.

Police first heard about this indecent exposure just after Christmas. Their creative undercover efforts made the perpetrator disappear by January.


Once the suspect stopped performing the lewd acts, Adams posted the image on Facebook to scare the perpetrator away for good.

Pulaski police didn't have enough evidence to charge the suspect with a crime without using the victims' testimony.

Adams wanted to catch the criminal in the act to prevent the victims from having to testify in court.

Police say the man is currently on house arrest after being convicted of a crime in neighboring Mercer County.