Echoes of President Donald Trump on the campaign trail could be felt inside the Covelli Centre Tuesday night in Youngstown.

The speech was a pretty classic presentation from Mr. Trump, clearly mirroring tones and topics from the campaign trail.

“We’re sending them the hell back home where they came from,” Mr. Trump said of undocumented immigrants who are associated with “gangs,” and those who are bringing “illegal drugs” for example, looking to tamp down on sanctuary cities and bolster the already “tough” efforts of Federal Immigration Agents.

President Trump referencing the military and boosted defense spending as well as small government, healthcare and employee American workers and increasing the prevalence of American-made goods.

NBC reported Mr. Trump has been criticized for hypocrisy in the policy’s he’s touting because of his decision to hire foreign workers at his Mar-a-Lago resort and similar behavior by members of his family including his daughter Ivanka Trump.

The emphasis on “America First” in jobs is particularly salient in Youngstown, which used to be known as the “Steel Valley,” where now vacant steel mills now sit as the President pointed out on his drive from the airport to the Covelli Centre.

President Trump made big promises, vowing all the jobs lost to the steel industry’s attrition “are coming back.”

Four people were removed from a rally that was called a private event and paid for by Mr. Trump, in some circumstances police wrestled with the attendees who were pointed out by other crowd members.

Mr. Trump touched on Terrorism, promised to renegotiate NAFTA or scrap it, putting coal miners back to work and crime --- doubling down on statements he made during the campaign that he took a lot of heat for.

The crowd erupted when the President talked about the Veterans Accountability Act and backing the US out of the Paris Climate Deal.

The President’s son Eric Trump and his wife Lara attended the rally and spoke ahead of Mr. Trump.

First Lady Melania Trump was also in attendance and introduced her husband.

Tuesday night’s strong turnout of a nearly capacity auditorium provides an anecdote for how the President's base of support is holding, despite the lowest approval ratings for any American President at the six-month mark in nearly 70 years.

You can watch President Trump's entire speech below: