NORTH BLOOMFIELD, Ohio -- WKYC's Alyssa Raymond had a chance to speak at length again with Rainn Peterson's mother, Brandi Peterson Monday morning.

At the same time, the Trumbull County Sheriff relayed that Rainn Peterson, 2, is doing very well at St. Joseph Health Center in Warren.

What Brandi Peterson had to say raises some other questions that have yet to be answered.

"I'm very, very upset right now. I do really want to thank everyone who volunteered and the police officers," Brandi Peterson said.

"It was a huge search and rescue and thank God because I don't think they would be able to find her without the people who did."

"I'm upset because I feel like, ever since this incident started, I was a suspect, from strangers to family members to friends. And they all tried to accuse me. That was very frustrating."

"I lost my child. I didn't know where she was. Very, very frustrating and aggravating to have people believe that I had something to do with it."

"I was the one who brought up the polygraph test and volunteered to take the polygraph test to prove that I had nothing to do with the disappearance of my daughter."

"They took her to the emergency room last night. They said that she had minor lacerations from pricker bushes. She was very, very dehydrated and she was hallucinating from being so dehydrated, upset and exhausted. She was so exhausted they had to sedate her, trying to get her temperature up."

"(They) gave her bottles of Pedialite. She drank four bottles in a row because she was so thirsty and dehydrated. They put IVs in her to get the things she lost back into her."

"And I have not been able to see her yet. They called me last night around 8:30-9, children's services did. They told me that they are taking custody of Rainn -- my daughter -- until the investigation is over. That's very frustrating. That's very upsetting because she was at my grandparents' house when she went missing. I was not there. I passed my polygraph test. I cooperated with police 100 percent and I want to see her. I want to bring her home with me and now I can't even see her."

"It's very frustrating. It's aggravating. It's upsetting. It's not fair. It's just not fair. This has really taught about knowing who your real friends and family are. This whole thing has been a giant mess."

"To have children's services tell me they're taking custody of my daughter when there's no sign of foul play. It's very frustrating and it's aggravating."

"So many people were saying false accusations -- 'Oh, the mother must have done it, she's changed her story three times.'"

"The worst feeling in the world was me not knowing where she was. Not knowing if she was safe. Not even knowing if she was alive. And I have people standing around blaming me for this. Accusing me of this."

"It's like when you're little and you play telephone. You know, by the time it gets to the last person, it's all messed up. It's all out of whack."

"Me and my boyfriend were here at my residence...the lady from the FBI showed up and said they had found her and she was in rough shape. I jumped up and I grabbed the FBI lady and I held her and I just started crying and she started crying."

"(She's) still at the hospital. (They) wanted her to stay at least one night, trying get her temperature back up."

"I can see my two boys at (my) grandparents house now. Rainn's brother from (the) same father ordered (them) to stay at my grandparents' house."

Brandi Peterson reiterates that she had nothing to do with Rainn going missing.

"I wasn't there and I didn't do this and to tell me that you're going to take custody of my daughter, and to put her in foster care until this is over is absolutely outrageous and it just absolutely kills me because I've just gone two days with my daughter missing not knowing if she was alive not knowing where she was not knowing if someone took her not knowing what happened and I can't even bring her home when they found her and I haven't even seen her yet."

"This is my baby. I'm the mother. I have custody. It's frustrating. It's aggravating. It's upsetting and I just can't stress enough things are."

"I have full custody of both of my children. I was granted full custody a couple months ago in court. Children's services says they're retaining custody of her as of last night. (They) won't let any family there. She is there with children's services and hospital staff."

"It's not fair, something needs to be done. This is why I'm going public. Before my daughter went missing, children's services came to my home. They made sure that there were no hazards to my children. They made sure everyone would be fine and they told me they'd send papers in the mail in just a few days and possibly get my kids and bring them here. They are saying that it's not them, that it's the police officers asking."

"If I wasn't there when my daughter was gone, why can't I have her back? That's all I want. I want her safe with me. Obviously, she wasn't safe and she wasn't with me."

Why Brandi Peterson took a polygraph test

"I felt like it was the only way I was going to get the police officers, the FBI agents and everyone to believe what I had to say because they didn't believe me. They acted like they didn't believe me. They've said things to family members that absolutely astonished me would come from police officers."

"I was putting up posters of my daughter on mailboxes, on telephone poles, in stores. We really thought that someone had taken her or that she had gotten out and seen her and picked her up. We just had no idea. There were no leads. There was no trace of her. No shoes found. No clothing. No toys. No nothing."

"I was really, really pleased with the search. I think thy did a wonderful, terrific job trying to find my daughter and they found her. I am so thankful for everyone. Firemen. Police officers. Volunteers."

"Words cannot describe how thankful I am because we would have never found her if we didn't have all those people looking. The person who really did find her, the actual person who found her, I want to say thank you so much because you're my hero. They are my heroes. They are all heroes."

"They found her. They brought her -- I'd like to say -- home. They brought her back and that's what I asked everybody to do and they did bring her home. Well, they brought her back and I'm deeply grateful and there's nothing I can do to show them how thankful we all are -- me and my family -- for finding her and bringing her back alive because I don't think she would have lasted much longer out there."

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