A new report from the Associated Press Tuesday suggests that President Trump may be sticking to his comfort zones, visiting states that voted for him with businesses thriving under his new administration.

One of them is Ohio’s newest ICE-detention facility in Youngstown.

A former federal prison, it is now the only place in the state that strictly takes in immigration detainees.

A spokesman for Homeland Security tells WKYC Channel 3 News it is currently holding 352 detainees from 30 countries and not yet at full capacity.

Though the facility has created jobs and eased the burden on the state’s prisons, it may also mark “a golden age” for private prisons.

The Youngstown facility is operated by CoreCivic out of Tennessee. The day after President Trump took office, its stock went soaring.

Today most ICE detainees are being held in similar private facilities across the country amid the administration’s so-called fast-tracking of illegal immigrant deportations.