The Richland County Sheriff's Office is looking for the owner of an urn found in a Richland County creek Friday.

Over the years, Dave Pike, of Coshocton, has found a lot along littered roadsides he's been working.

Oddly enough, he says, like ridiculous amounts of 5 hour energy bottles.

Hundreds of arrowheads he's unearthed.

But nothing could have prepared this father for what he most recently found.

He was working near Bellville, Richland County, laying cables like he had so many times before, looking for natural gas and oil pockets.

This time it was near the creek on Rule Road.

"My hands were dirty. I jumped down off the road to a creek that traveled under the road, a small bridge, that's when I spotted it, in the creek bed under about 10 inches of water.

It looked like a fancy box," said Pike.

When Pike picked it up, he realized he was holding an urn.

Weathered and worn, it read "Casey Shaun" and was dated June 28th 1986-April 15th 1998.

Casey Shaun Would have been 11-years-old when he died.
Pike's son Cole is 12.

"I feel a little bit of ownership. I feel responsible now. It didn't belong there, to me. Not in a creek underneath a county road. I hope you're at peace now," said Pike.

The Richland County Sheriff Dept, County Coroner and Health Department weren't able to trace the urn back to any local families.

Pike wants to do right by the rightful family and find them.

"Sometimes I do think something drew me to that saying hey! Here I am. Pull me out of this creek I don't belong here. When you find something like that, you want to try to get it back to the right place," said Pike.

Pike added that it had "...Been bad year.

I've been to 9 funerals and as of yesterday I'll be going to two more.

Two friends of ours who are brothers died. So in this case, I feel like, don't mess with death. Bad karma," said Pike.

WKYC was unable to confirm that the remains were positively identified as human.

Calls to several people at the Richland County Sheriff's Department and multiple calls to the coroner went unanswered.