COLUMBUS -- The political temperature is still hot as some Americans continue speaking out against the presidential election of Donald Trump.

Video has surfaced (watch below) from a Monday night rally at Ohio State.

The footage, which was posted on YouTube, shows a man rushing from behind before shoving an anti-Trump speaker down several stairs.

Other protesters blocked the suspect from fleeing as officers immediately stepped in.

“Shame! Shame! Shame!” was chanted as the suspect was escorted out by police.

According to Ohio State news site -- -- the suspect, who is also a student, has been “placed under indefinite suspension.”

The Lantern also received a statement from university spokesperson Chris Davey about the incident: “We witnessed a disturbing incident at a political demonstration on our campus this afternoon. As we said last week, the safety of our students and freedom of speech are bedrock, immutable principles that are the foundation of our university.”