Last week, a Celina, Ohio Walmart found itself in a bit of hot water after a Facebook user posted a video showing the store throwing away a massive amount of food.

The user (identified as Gary Joe Ahrns), showed the food stacked up in carts and dumpsters, and later argued with a manager about why the food wasn't being given to people in need.

WARNING: Video contains graphic language

The post quickly went viral, with over 7 million views to date. On Monday, the Celina Walmart officially responded.

In a post on Facebook, the store cited a tornado that touched down in the area on Nov. 5, which they claimed knocked out store power for 14 hours. Because of this, the store say the food was "unsafe for consumption," and they "followed proper procedures."

Still, many on social media were not buying the explanation, saying a better plan should have been in place.

Others, however, defended the store for handling a difficult situation.