Willoughby Police released a statement regarding Wednesday's officer-involved shooting.

They identified the suspect shot and killed as Frank J. Sandor, 38, of Cleveland.

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Police say that, just before 1 p.m. Oct. 19, police arrived on a call that a man with outstanding warrants for his arrest was there.

The statement read that a Willoughby Police officer and a Willoughby Police motorcycle officer responded to the scene and located Sandor sitting in a blue Pontiac Grand Prix. After a brief discussion in which he provided false information to the officers, he placed the Pontiac in reverse and tried to drive away.

The officers shouted for him to stop but he struck the motorcycle officer and the motorcycle. The Pontiac dragged the motorcycle several feet underneath the vehicle.

The officers tried to stop him before he may hurt anyone else but Sandor then tried to drive off and headed directly towards one fo the officers.

Concerned for the safety of himself and others, one officer fired at Sandor, the statement reads.

The Pontiac continued forward northbound through the parking lot, across Euclid Avenue and into the parking lot across the street. The Pontiac struck two vehicles in the parking lot before coming stopping.

Sandor was taken to Lake West Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. The police officer that was struck by the Pontiac was also taken to Lake West Medical Center and treated and released for minor injuries.

Police confirmed that the Pontiac Grand Prix that was driven in the incident was reported and confirmed stolen by Brunswick Police. The Pontiac was stolen out of a Kmart parking lot in Brunswick, Ohio in August, the statement reads.

Sandor had two outstanding felony warrants out of the Lake County Sheriff's Office for dangerous drugs and escape and several misdemeanor warrants out of Rocky River Police Department, according to the police state\ment.

Ohio BCI and the Willoughby Police Department are requesting that anyone who witnessed the incident to please call Ohio BCI at 330-659-4600 or the Willoughby Police Detective Bureau at 440-953-4210.