Friday marks the application deadline for those who want licenses to grow on a smaller scale in Ohio.

Only 12 of the level two licenses will be granted.

Local business partners Don Litsinger and Phil Accordino are working to turn an old lumber yard in Rootstown Township, Portage County, into a grow site.

“It’s a very tough deal, there’s a lot of people applying,” said Litsinger, who has lived in the small rural community all of his life. “There’s a lot of people, heavy hitters, there’s a lot of people coming out of state with a lot of money but at the end of the day, I believe we’ve got as good a chance as everybody else.”

It will cost up to $2 million to renovate the abandoned building and turn it into what could essentially become a highly-secured indoor greenhouse.

“This will not be a retail facility. This will not increase traffic since it is such a small facility, there will not be semi-trucks coming in and out,” Accordino said.

Their plan would employ roughly 30 people.

By late summer, they should know if they’ve been approved.