Crestwood High School in Mantua, OH, is receiving a $ 99,976 service learning grant for its Health Professions and Affinity Community Program.

The grant was funded by the State Farm Youth Advisory Board.

The youth advisory board is a made of 30 students, ages 17-20, from the across the United States.

The groups aims to annually implement $5 million-a-year to service learning initiatives that address issues that are important to youth and its communities.

Crestwood’s HPAC program will address health and health education in the community through the acquisition of an aqua-ponic greenhouse at the high school.

The greenhouse uses a water system that recycles the nutrient rich water from a fish tank in order to grow plants and, in turn, uses the plant’s resources to help grow the fish.

Food grown in the greenhouse will be donated to community members in need, with any excess being sold to support and sustain the Coalition for Community Care, the local food pantry.