The Crestwood High School football team will resume all operations following a temporary suspension of activities amid a police investigation.

The district suspended football operations two weeks ago, resulting in a pair of canceled games, including its homecoming game last week.

Mantua Police were involved in the investigation.

The school issued the following statement Monday:

Our high school football team understands that each and every student-athlete must model common sense, cooperation, leadership, and high standards of personal behavior. Our student-athletes understand that real success can only be achieved through a willingness to live up to these expectations. As in real life, the actions our student-athletes chose to take resulted in direct consequences.

While the Crestwood Local School District understands the desire of our community to know the specifics surrounding the alleged misconduct that resulted in the decision to suspend all high school football operations for two weeks, as well as the outcome of the school district’s investigation, the Crestwood Local School District asks that everyone be mindful of the fact that our comments are limited by state and federal privacy laws.

We also ask our community to understand that we are dealing with young student-athletes who have taken responsibility for their actions and have accepted the resulting consequences.