GARRETTSVILLE -- Three months after a ferocious fire wiped out a strip of downtown Garrettsville, we revisited the historic Main Street to get a check on the rebuilding process.

Who can forget the vivid images of Garrettsville firefighters desperately trying to save decades of memories and priceless items?

Out of the ashes of what once was 13 businesses, arose a simple two-word chant of hope: Garrettsville strong.

A chant that has echoed for the past three months as this community now focuses on rebuilding.

Mayor Rick Patrick says the city finally cleared away the last pieces of fire debris just last week and they're already consulting with architects about possibilities moving forward.

The cost to rebuild everything is somewhere between $10-20 million, which is why grants and donations are still needed.

Mayor Patrick says nearly $66,000 has been raised through the "Garrettsville Strong" fund.

People living and working here say they're doing their part too.

"This whole thing has brought the community together a lot more," Joe Leonard says.