Last night’s storm took perfect aim at two very different places.

The first was a church in Ashtabula County. The second was a beer and wine shop in Chesterland.

On Wednesday, the bell that is normally in the tower of the old Baptist Church in Dorset was instead on the ground.

Earlier in the day a lightning bolt struck the tower, causing a fire to break out there. Had it not been for a quick response, the entire building could have been lost.

Though the church has stood there since 1894, members called it a first.

Yet it was not the only place that might have felt singled out.

A powerful gust of wind ripped the metal right off the roof of the Red, Wine and Brew store on Mayfield Road in Geauga County.

“Lifted the southern portion of the roof and peeled it right back,” said William Kirby, who owns the building. “There were no creases in the metal whatsoever. So it was one big ‘ol gust of wind that you know elevated the entire roof and drifted over the parking lot.”

Other business on that same strip mall were spared.

“So maybe I must have done something wrong in my past life,” joked Sam Shah, who owns the business. “I think I’m being punished!”

He has yet to total the cost of damage to the outside or inside of his store, or to say when he will be able to reopen.

GALLERY: WKYC Channel 3's Drew Horansky captured pictures of the damage done to both Red, Wine, and Brew and to the First Baptist Church of Dorset.