Authorities are following a plan of "hope for the best" but be ready for any possibility in making plans to deal with anticipated unruly protests at the Republican National Convention.

WKYC Channel 3 has learned that "contingency plans" are being made which could involve moving prisoners from the County Jail to outlying facilities to create needed space for arrested protesters.

One location being discussed is the Bedford Heights jail. Now largely empty, it has space for up to 127 prisoners.

Bedford Heights Chief Michael Marrotta confirmed talks are underway. No contract has been signed yet.

Discussions are also under way about possibly moving prisoners to the Geauga County Jail.

The protests after the Michael Brelo verdict were likely smaller and tamer than what's expected at the Republican National Convention. Then 71 people were arrested. Because of a lack of planning and space, they wound up being held at Aviation High School.

Authorities are reluctant to discuss details of any possible move, but want to avoid a repeat of that..

Cuyahoga County's often overcrowded jail has room for 2,100 prisoners.

Cleveland's City Jail holds 100.

According to reports, just two arrests were made at the Republican National Convention in Tampa in 2012. Property damage was minimal.

A hurricane, police infiltration of protest groups and a tolerant approach to allow First Amendment rights are all believed to have contributed to that surprisingly low number.

Local authorities aren't expecting to be so fortunate.