CLEVELAND -- Renovation plans are on the verge of taking flight at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport for a major makeover in the main terminal beginning early next year.

"This is a massive undertaking, it's a significant improvement to the terminal itself, and you don't embark on a project of this impact without inviting the public to influence the outcome," explained Ricky Smith, director of the Cleveland Airport System.

"It's an old and stale facility and we want to brighten it up," he continued.

The new blueprints call for architects to utilize more natural light to not only brighten the entrance but make it more energy efficient.

Beyond aesthetics, airport officials say their primary goal is to make the terminal easier for passengers to navigate through ticketing and security.

"The primary task was to reinvigorate the passenger experience on arrival at the airport," explained architect Pierre Gendreau .

"Just increase the feeling of openness…it's a challenging task given the limited depth of the terminal," he continued.

These changes to the terminal will take place in phases, allowing most areas to remain open and not affect passengers while construction is underway.

The entire project is expected to be complete by fall 2016.