Hail, hail rock and roll!

Legendary musician Chuck Berry died Saturday at the age of 90.

Berry was instrumental in the launching of Cleveland’s own Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum and the hall is remembering him there in the days after his death.

Know that whenever an inductee passes away, the Rock Hall lowers the flag outside to half-staff. It’s a sign of respect and mourning.

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And any time an inductee dies, the hall seems to get a little busier, full of people who want to pay their respects and come together to remember an icon.

They’re seeing that this weekend for Berry.

But aside from mourning, it’s important to celebrate Berry’s life and accomplishments as well. On Sunday, all of the music playing throughout the building is Chuck Berry.

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Many people probably don’t know it, but he was very important in getting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame off the ground.

“Chuck Berry was so instrumental to Cleveland, and really to the fabric of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame," said Todd Mesek of the Rock Hall.

"Before we opened this place, he’s one of the first people that does a major fundraiser at the Tower City location. When we broke ground on construction on this site, Chuck Berry was there. When we opened the building, he famously plays at the opening concert for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Bruce Springsteen."

The Chuck Berry exhibit is located on the third floor of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum.

Chuck Berry concert flyer