A Michigan dog who spent weeks on death row has returned home after DNA tests cleared him in the death of Vlad, a dog next door.

Jeb, a Belgian Malinois, was released to his owner Wednesday. Kenneth Job was emotional, saying his dog looks "awful skinny but he's alive."

The photo is from the Free Jeb Facebook page.

Jeb was seen standing over Vlad's body on Aug. 24 in St. Clair Township, 50 miles northeast of Detroit. Authorities said the Pomeranian's injuries suggest he was picked up and shaken by a larger animal.

Kenneth Job surrendered Jeb to St. Clair County Animal Control after the service dog was found standing over the neighbor's dead Pomeranian, Vlad, Aug. 24.

District Judge Michael Hulewicz ruled in September that Jeb was a dangerous dog and ordered him to be euthanized.

A dog is considered dangerous if it bites or attacks causing serious injury or death to a human or animal when it is under the control of its owner, according to Michigan law.

A judge ordered that Jeb be euthanized. But he also agreed to DNA tests on Vlad's body. The result: No DNA from Jeb.

The Port Huron Times Herald (http://bwne.ws/2eeIl2w ) says Jeb's owner has agreed to install an adequate fence.