It may be the season of giving but, right now, scammers are out for the taking.

Sheryl Harris heads up Cuyahoga County’s new scam squad and has a warning for job seekers who post resumes online.

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“You’ll get an e-mail that’ll tell you ‘we need gift wrapping help’ and it looks like it comes from a store that you know,” she said.

“When you accept, they send you an email saying ‘well, you have to go to this website, and you have to fill out our application,’ and the application asks you for all sorts of personal information. It might ask for your Social Security number; it might ask you for bank account numbers so that they can pay you.”

Don't do it.

She said another seasonal scam comes in the form of an e-mail or letter informing you that you have been selected as a mystery shopper.

Victims will receive what they believe is a wired check to pay for items, only to have it bounce after they shared their information.

Harris also warns people to be wary of calls from charities.

“They’ll use sound-alike names that sound a lot like a charity you’ve heard from before, but aren’t quite that charity,” she said.

Harris says you should never feel pressured into making fast financial decisions, which is a red flag at any time of year.

WKYC Channel 3 is partnering with the squad and we'll share tips and stories on Friday 6 p.m. newscasts.

A representative of the squad can be reached at (216) 443-7035.