It's that time of year when temperatures rise and where sunscreen begins to take a front seat during daily preparations before you go out the front door.

That goes for your children as well as they head to school. Part of their school day is spent outside at recess. That comes later in the day and they likely need sunscreen reapplied for the best protection.

But did you know that many schools don't allow sunscreen? And very few states allow school workers to help students apply sunscreen.

Some states are changing that. Do you think sunscreen should be allowed? Do you think more states, including Ohio, should change their policies?

According to the Associated Press and KPNX, Arizona, Washington and Utah have become the latest states to enact laws freeing students to bring sunscreen to school without special paperwork, joining California and New York.

Similar legislation is moving forward this spring in Rhode Island, Louisiana and Florida, according to the AP and KPNX..

The reason? According to KPNX-TV, the Food and Drug Administration considers sunscreen an over-the-counter medication. That means that most states, teachers and school nurses can't apply it and parents can't even send it to school without a doctor's note.