CLEVELAND -- James Boyd was on his way from his old hometown of Albany, N.Y., to his new hometown of Seattle when he found himself stuck in Cleveland for 36 hours.

"I'm gonna have to wait as long as it takes, until the weather passes. I have no choice," he told Channel 3. "There's no other way for me to get out of here right now. I have a bus ticket, and that's about it."

While he and dozens of people are sleeping on cots at the Cleveland Greyhound station, others stuck because of the weather had a little more heads up.

"We started planning for more meals last week," said Michael Sering, vice president of housing and shelter for Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry, which runs the homeless shelter on East 22nd Street and Lakeside Avenue in Cleveland.

"If we're completely full, we go into overflow. We can transport people to get shelter tonight. This will probably be the busiest night of the year for us -- we'll have about 420 people here tonight," he said.

As he attends to those who seek out help on their own, Karen McHenry from Bellefaire JCB spent part of Monday night scouring bus and train depots looking for youth who may not know to help themselves.

"It could become a matter of life or death. You could get frostbite and die," she said. "This weather is very abnormal for Cleveland, and people aren't prepared. Our goal is to get them off the street."