Families are hitting local fairs and festivals with the tragedy that played out in Columbus fresh on their minds and understandably, with questions.

At the Lake County Fair, for example, now in full swing in Painesville.

Robert Ferguson came with all 6 kids from Cleveland.

On the heels of the horrific Ohio State Fair fatal accident, he asked before he even came in, the same thing Krystle Tressler asked with her kids in tow.

“If everything had been inspected today,” said Tressler.

Ferguson said "They said they checked once everything was set up and they checked it again just to double check to make sure everything was ok for kids and adults."

"We can't check them enough," was Richard Parker’s answer.

He’s been on the Lake County Fair committee for 50 years and says the rides always come with mandatory yearly state inspections.

Tuesday morning he says, they were inspected again after they were set up.

"And they check them throughout and operators check them every few hours," Parker added.

Still, Devin Artz with the whole family of 3 kids from Madison told WKYC Channel 3 News, "We are not riding the rides. We rode the ponies but not the rides. Yes, you know statistically it's not going to happen to your kids but you don't want to take that chance," said Artz.

Solon is gearing up to kick off "Home Days" on Friday.

Richard Parker, the Solon Community City Manager says the city always brings in the rides from Great Lakes Expositions.

Rides, that, by law, have yearly equipment checks by the Ohio Department of Agriculture, then the city of Solon opts to have all the rides inspected again once they are set up.

"It was just an added step we felt from the very beginning that was a smart thing to do. The rides are new to us. They travel. We wanted to make sure they were safe and inspected immediately prior to our festival opening,” says Parker.