Snow days for the kids mean a lot of parents are taking sick or vacation days off work.

Albert Shaker is logging them all as sick days.

His kids have already racked up four calamity days, which some have dubbed, "ca-mall-ity" days as parents work to keep their kids busy and entertained.

"We're just walking around, gonna go to GameStop," says Shaker.

"We hang out at the mall. We go bowling," Tim Wise tell us about his time with his son.

He's from Medina and has had to keep his son Tyler busy during six snow days.

"It's tiring, trying to entertain them all day long for multiple days. They want to do so many things," says Wise.

But with six days off work, Wise is now squeezing in work at home when and where he can.

Just like Jill Miller, who is at the mall, but not entirely unplugged.

"Yeah, I'm working on my phone as we're walking around the mall," says Miller.

But for parents who just can't take the time off work, there's always the luxury of calling grandma.

"We got a call last night. We kept them overnight, and we've had them all day today so Mom and Dad can work," says Carylin Stickney, who's now spent several days watching her grandkids while her children continue working.