One special group of beer lovers is celebrating big on Friday for National Beer Day.

If you call yourself a beer snob, or even if Bud Light will do, the Society of Northeast Ohio Brewers or S.N.O.B. might introduce you to something new.

The SNOBs are one of Ohio's oldest homebrewing companies, dedicated to promoting the brewing and enjoyment of fine beers. In addition to monthly meetings, the club also sponsors special evenings at local brewpubs and restaurants (SNOBs Nights out), a spring pub crawl (Beer and No Sweat), a summer camping event (Brew and Canoe, in Huron), an annual Oktoberfest weekend festival in Hinckley, and an extravagant Christmas party. 

Andrew Mitchell, President of the Society of Northeast Ohio Brewers, stopped by our studios for an interview with Sara Shookman during WKYC Channel 3 News at 7. Watch in the player above.