Kent police is warning the public on the dangers of drugs on baby changing tables.

This may seem odd, however a recent incident has again, shed light on the drug issue.

The incident occurred inside a Sheetz gas station on North Mantua Street in Kent.

The quick thinking of an employee helped save the life of one man and possibly the life someone’s child.

Police responded to the gas station and found a syringe, traces of blood, and white narcotics residue, along with a man with his sleeved rolled up inside the restroom.

Police say the man had a spoon with some cotton wadding on, and that the evidence gives them every reason to believe he was getting ready to inject himself with it and harm himself with a dangerous drug.

Lt.Michael Lewis of Kent says the drugs left on the changing table could easily be absorbed through the skin, which makes it extremely harmful for adults and even deadly, especially or infants.

“Babies can go into some type of respiratory distress and end fatally very quickly.

Lewis says he hopes that people start to become more aware of incidents like this one.

Lewis is also telling parents to stay away from gas station bathrooms, and if you must, make sure to use a blanket and changing pad.