CANTON – Plain Township residents are tired of this week's rain.

On Wednesday, there were mandatory evacuations in certain areas, and Thursday morning, they learned that many have a lot of cleaning up to do.

Residents of Arboretum Circle NW came home to water. Lots of it.

Shadrach Valdez had never been involved in a flood....until now

He is unsure if he will stay or go, all while the rest of his family flies into town Friday. He has no clue where he plans to put them up.

Neighbors like Mark Nichols have seen this song and dance before. He's used to the floods. This is the second time in three years and claims this flood wasn't nearly as bad as the last one.

He plans on staying but Valdez has yet to make up his mind.

While other neighbors are still on the fence, most have their work cut out to save whatever they can, while hoping the rains stay away.