Two citizens in Massillon rescued a 3-year-old child when the adults the toddler was with passed out at the wheel.

Massillon Police posted to its Facebook page praising the two women for their bravery in how they responded to the situation.

Police say the two women came upon a car in drive at the Marathon gas station on Lincoln Way. Inside they noticed two adults who were passed out, as well as one child. The women blocked that car with their own vehicle, put it in park and removed the child -- all before emergency crews arrived. They even gave the driver first aid. When police arrived and searched the car, they found a straw used to snort illegal drugs, a pill crusher, a brown powdery substance and marijuana.

The female driver was arrested for OVI, possession, open container and endangering children. The passenger, who had custody of the child at the time, was charged with possession of marijuana and endangering children.

The child was turned over to a family member and Child Protective Services was alerted.

Police call it a job well done for the witnesses in this case.