What could have been a tragic situation in Massillon has instead ended safely, and police say two good Samaritans deserve the credit.

According to authorities, a vehicle was traveling along Lincoln Way West around 10 p.m. Thursday night with two adults in the front seat and a 3-year-old child in the back seat. Both adults were apparently slumped over the dashboard, and the car was only moving because it was still in drive.

That's when two local women—Sarah Wentzel and Tonya Foutty—drove by and saw what was happening. Police say the two blocked the suspects' vehicle with their own, put the suspects' vehicle in park, and immediately removed the child and rendered first aid to the driver. According to officials, "This all happened before any emergency workers were on scene."

Both adults were arrested and now face a variety of charges, including OVI, posession of drugs, open container in a motor vehicle, and child endangering. Authorities say "a straw used to snort illegal drugs, a blue pill crusher, and some brown powdery substance" were found in the female driver's purse. The child was later released to a family member and Child Services were notified.

Bot Wentzel and Foutty have been commended for their heroic efforts by the Massillon Police Dept.