NORTH CANTON, Ohio -- No capes or superpowers were needed for a group of real life heroes honored Wednesday night in North Canton.

Four Medal of Honor recipients along with several other decorated members of the military were recognized in a parade and special ceremony to bring awareness to chiropractic care for vets.

Hundreds of onlookers waving flags, along with military past and present stood in solidarity and support of the group of heroes.

"Coming from a unit that doesn't always get a parade or a welcome home except for the families and those close to's been breathtaking," said Master Sergeant Retired Leroy Petry, who received the Medal of Honor for his bravery in Iraq.

During combat Master Sergeant Petry says he noticed an enemy grenade.

"I reached over, picked it up, and as I was going to throw it away it exploded and took my hand," he explained.

His selfish act of valor saved the rest of his unit.

"I'm just happy that I'm still here... we're still here and we're able to have great moments like this," he added.

Great moments also shared Wednesday night by Purple Heart Staff Sergeant Shilo Harris.

"It just really warms my heart so I can't say enough thank you's to the men and women who are saying thank you to me," he said.

United in service both Master Sergeant Petry and Staff Sergeant Harris are joining several other decorated officers now pushing for chiropractic care for veterans.

"I know the benefits of chiropractic care... it's been really beneficial to me and I know other people that have really benefited from it," said Staff Sergeant Harris.

Through a grassroots movement called the Patriot Project both are hoping chiropractic care will at least be made available to all active and retired military.

"It's not for everybody I understand that, but to at least have the option provided is tremendous for so many people," said Master Sergeant Petry.

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