NORTH CANTON -- Police Chief Stephan B. Wilder has confirmed the charging of Paul F. Antonelli, 39, of North Canton, for filing a false police report.

Wilder says that, just after noon Monday, Antonelli voluntarily appeared at the North Canton Police Department where he was re-interviewed by detectives concerning his report of being a victim of a felonious assault.

He had reported to police he was stabbed by an unknown juvenile suspect.

Just about 1:30 p.m. Saturday, police responded to Antonelli's report that he was stabbed by a boy, 13, who was riding a bicycle while he was walking on Allison Place NW.

The boy was alleged to have asked him if he knew him. Antonelli said he replied that he did not.

Antonelli said that the boy proceeded to stab him and ride away on his bike. Antonelli had a superficial stab wound to his abdomen. North Canton Fire Department took him to a local hospital where he was treated and released.

After a continuous and thorough investigation by the responding officers and the detective bureau, inconsistencies were discovered regarding his reporting of the facts. Wilder said.

According to Wilder, this was due in part to an emotional instability in his life.

Antonelli will appear in Canton Municipal Court.