We're learning more about the motive in this case.

A former patient of Doctor Seese says she doesn't care what was going on in his personal life. She says he was a wonderful doctor, who saved her life.

"The first thing I thought, oh God no, I hope it's not Dr. Seese," said Barb Thompson, one of Dr. Seese's patients.

Barb Thompson saw the news of a doctor shot in the parking lot of Affinity Hospital... and immediately thought of her cardiologist.

Several years ago, Doctor George Seese diagnosed her with cardio myopathy, a life-threatening condition other doctors had missed.

"It could have went undetected and I could have just died," said Thompson.

He not only saved her life, but made her laugh.

"I'd say well how are you doing and he'd say fat and tired or fat and sassy. He had a super sense of humor."

George Seese was known as Skip. A father and grandfather, he had practiced medicine for more than 20 years.

As he left Affinity Hospital Monday afternoon, Massillon Police say Michael Wood approached him and shot him several times, and then turned the gun on himself. Both men died.

A Massillon Police Detective tells us, Seese was currently going through a divorce and seeing a woman who told to police that she had dated Wood in the past.

Thompson doesn't care about any of that.

"We all have a personal life and we all have skeletons in our closet," said Barb Thompson.

She's saddened for Seese's family and colleagues and because she'll never be treated by her favorite doctor again.

"He's gonna be missed, I know that."

So far, no plans for a funeral service for Doctor Seese have been announced publicly.