ID=4349787CLEVELAND -- Even if you're lucky enough to stay home through the worst of the Deep Freeze of 14, you still aren't out of the woods.

"People always need water and people always need heat. When you get the cold weather, those are the first two things that go," said Steve Taylor with H. Jack's Plumbing & Heating Co.

Taylor says they know what they'll see Tuesday: frozen pipes and overworked furnaces. There's still time to make sure they aren't your problem.

To prevent pipes from freezing, let water drip from the faucet or insulate pipes.

"If you feel drafts through the windows in the basement, anything like that, don't be afraid to put some insulation up there. You don't want any drafts coming through. Some pipe wrap is always good, he said.

Dominion East Ohio is asking all its customers to turn down the heat -- part of an effort to conserve natural gas just in case.

"We've been working on this the last several days, making sure that we've got our supplies in order," said Neil Durbin, a spokesman for the company. "We anticipate having enough natural gas to meet the needs of our customers. It's just a way of building in a margin of safety in case the weather turns out to be a little bit colder than we think."

To help, turn your thermostat down to 68 degrees during the day and as low as 58 while at work or bundled up overnight.

Also, cool your water heater to 120-125 degrees. For about $20, a tank insulation blanket can also help you wrap the heat in, while changing your filter could help your furnace function. Weatherstripping doors and windows can also hold temperature in your home.

Besides just miserably cold, these record breaking lows can also be expensive.

"One of the reasons we're recommending conservation is so customers don't get that sticker shock when they open up their bills next month," said Durbin.