The Stow Police Department responded to a call for a woman murdered inside her apartment Saturday evening.

22-year-old Jason Reeves seemed distraught Saturday as he called police reporting that his mother had been murder.

Listen to the full 911 call below:

Warning the audio does contain explicit language.

According to reports, officials responded to an apartment at 2855 Graham Road around 6:30 Saturday.

In the 911 call to police, her son, Jason, told police that he went to check on his mother after no one could get in contact with her.

According to Jason she was supposed to meet at a family member's home but never arrived.

The victim, 56-year-old Susan Reeves, was found in her bed with multiple stab wounds.

When officials arrived at the scene, Jason's father, the victims ex-husband and a friend were with Jason at the apartment.

Jason was interviewed by authorities, but released a short time later.

Sunday morning, Jason Reeves turned himself in to police and was charged with aggravated murder.

The Reeves’ apartment is just to the left of Tim Glendinning’s unit.

“As we passed them back and forth to the mailbox or coming and going from work, say hi. They all seem real nice,” Glendinning said of his neighbors.

He wasn’t close with Susan and Jason, but they were friendly. He believes the two lived there together. He says he never heard any trouble.

“No loud yelling or screaming or arguing,” said Glendinning.

Jason Reeves was booked at Stow City Jail and then transported to the Summit County Jail to await arraignment Monday morning.