From his Goodyear Heights home in Akron, self taught artist Anthony Byard talks about his life.

"You know, sometimes it's hard to get enough money to eat sometimes".

He's not letting his circumstances get the best of him, though.

Anthony is a self-taught artist, and has been selling his work on the streets of Akron. His colorful, emotion filled paintings caught the eye of Nick Huber, who was just driving by.

"I saw them and they were really cool. That guy has talent." Huber said he asked Anthony why he was selling them. His reply really made Huber think.

"He said that he was going through a rough time, but rather than just stand out here and beg for money, he had something to offer. That was pretty cool and I can respect that." Huber bought two of Anthony's paintings, citing a real connection to the paintings.

Nick posted the encounter on Facebook and it went viral.

People are now trying to contact Byard to see and even purchase his art.

Recently, police stopped him from selling on the street, but he's happy for people to visit him at his home at 1380 Laffer Avenue in the Goodyear Heights neighborhood of Akron.

Byard said, "Things are looking good to me now. I was in a bad place for a while, and sort of lost faith in the human race, but all these people reaching out, telling me they like my art work, it's restoring hope for humanity."

Byard credits his grandmother for helping him through the toughest times. "She always stood by me, and hopefully if this art thing takes off, I can repay her."