Jim Muffet takes pride in his lawn.

So when his neighbor’s 10-year-old boy recently came over and allegedly turfed his lawn with a mower, he was hurt.

“There were like really high spots and right next to it, the dirt,” said Muffet’s girlfriend, Bobbi Brown, who was there at the time. “It was I think malicious.”

Charlie Wilson, the boy’s dad, said his son was doing a good deed.

“You know he’s got ADHD, he’s on medication,” he said, “But he’s that type of kid that because of being a cub scout, he likes to help people.”

According to Muffet, it was not the first time they had trouble with the boy. He claims he threw stones at his home and even came in once uninvited.

This time, he said he just wanted the family to help fix his yard. When they refused to act, he said he had no choice but to call police.

Prosecutors, in turn, sent a "No Contact" order for the boy.

“All he had to do was say to us you know ‘please make sure Zack does not come over here again. I do not like children and I’d rather not him not be over here.’ And that would’ve been fine,” Charlie Wilson said.

“We don’t dislike him. We just want him to not hurt us or the property,” Jimmy Muffet added.

UPDATE: The Summit County Prosecutor's Office put out the following explanation for handing out the 'No Contact' on Facebook on Wednesday afternoon.