AKRON -- According to police, at least five people have died in the City of Akron after taking what they believe is a "bad batch" of heroin.

Captain Michael Shearer, Commander of the Akron Police Department's Narcotics Unit, said several more people had been treated in local hospitals after taking heroin, but survived.

On Tuesday, two suspected victims, a 31 year old Akron man and a 58 year old man from Largo, Florida, were found dead.

Three other heroin related deaths have been reported in Akron in the last two weeks.

The Akron Police Department is working closely with the ADM Board on the increase of heroin overdoses and deaths.

Police also warn illicit drug users not to take heroin which they procured over the past few weeks.

It has not yet been determined why the current rash of heroin deaths has taken place. There may be a deadly item added to the heroin or just the quality of the heroin.

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If you or someone you know is addicted to opiates or heroin, help is available 24/7 by calling the ADM Crisis Center, 330-996-7730.

Contact your local police department if you suspect someone is involved with drug trafficking.