AKRON, Ohio -- Three times in two weeks.

That's how many times people have been robbed at gunpoint in Akron trying to sell items online on sites like Craigslist, and "Offer Up."

In all three cases, the victims were lured to Alphada Ave in Akron.

Allof them, meeting a stranger online, trying to sell expensive cell phones.

One of the victims wanted to stay anonymous but says for her, it was a conniving armed thief who posed on Craigslist as someone who said he'd buy her cell phone for $600.

"I said I wanted to meet in a public place. He said he couldn't leave his kids."

Akron police believe it may be the same man.

"No sooner had he walked up to the car he pulled a gun out said give me that phone. He snatched the phone up and was gone in no time. No cell phone is worth anyone's life and I didn't know if it was loaded or not."

One of the victim states they were just trying to make some extra cash.

"I was just trying to pay some bills and get some school clothes for my kids and he robbed us! And it was a young kid!!!

"I'm still here today I'm not hurt. I'm one of those people who can't carry or harbor that anger and frustration because I'm going to get nowhere with it"

Remember police stations like Rocky River, Cuyahoga Falls, and Olmsted Falls have safe exchange zones. Police regulated meet-up spots for those internet sale drop offs.