An Akron community is left with questions after finding out 17- year old Xavier McMullen was found dead inside of a police cruiser Friday.

The Summit County Medical Examiner has ruled the cause of death suicide.

The teen was found with a gunshot wound to the head.

"If they followed procedure and did what they were supposed to I believe he would still be alive," said Brandon Hudson, a friend of Xavier.

Sam Smith, another friend of Xavier, tells us he's been hand cuffed and searched for less than that. That’s the question why wasn’t he searched?

Xavier McMullen was taken into police custody in connection with a robbery case along with Anthony Criss and Matthew Allen.

McMullen was one of three suspects being held in separate police cars. But soon after, a shot was heard by officers at the scene from one of the vehicles.

That’s when they rushed to the car to find McMullen wounded with a gun next to him.

McMullen was alone in the cruiser during this incident and no officers were near the cruiser at the time.

A candle light vigil was held for Xavier along with signs for justice are scattered through the Akron streets because family members believe police didn’t do their job.

“They did do something wrong they should have at least patted him down, not just put a boy in the car who was known for this stuff.” said Brandon.

Police haven't said how the gun ended up inside the cruiser, but commented that when he was arrested his hands were hand cuffed behind his back. But the family still wants answers.

“Yes he might have did it to himself but still the cop should have been able to follow procedures like their supposed to, they shouldn’t be able to do what they want.” said Brandon.

Officials provided more information on the robbery and fatal incident in a press conference Monday afternoon.

Watch the full press conference below.