BATH TOWNSHIP -- Authorities say Monday's storms caused "great damage to property and roadways" in Summit County's Bath Township, resulting in several road collapses.

A bridge on Shaw Road near Granger Road collapsed completely into the Yellow Creek. Shaw Road will be closed indefinitely, police say.

Another road collapse happened in the 1500 block of N. Hametown Road where authorities report that the southbound lane is "completely gone." The earth beneath the northbound lane has also washed away, so police have closed N. Hametown Road between W. Bath Road and Ira Road.

The 2500 block of Ira Road near Hale Farm has also collapsed from rushing waters. Police have closed Ira Road between Kemery Road and Oak Hill Road. Access to the Old Trail School is only possible from Cuyahoga Falls at this time.

In addition, police say many roadways in Bath Township are covered by loose gravel that has washed onto the streets from private driveways. All drivers are asked to adjust their speed because of the debris.

As the storms were taking place, Bath Police and fire officials responded to 59 calls for service within a five-hour period.

Several motorists needed to be rescued when their vehicles became stuck in flooding waters.

Two horses were also pulled to safety from flooding waters.

During the height of the storm, some took shelter at Revere High School.

Any citizens of Bath Township may report hazards to police at 330-666-3736.