AKRON -- Just call him the Wizard...the Wizard of Ahs. Mark Cheplowitz knows how to take a stadium and make it a stage that will take your breath away.

He was hired just 10 days ago to oversee the event team behind LeBron James' Welcome Home Celebration at Infocision Stadium at the University of Akron.

"To see this on a drawing, and then to see it come alive here, it is spectacular," said Cheplowitz.

Set-up for LeBron's Homecoming started at 9 p.m. Thursday after Akron's football team left Incision Stadium in the hands of audio-visual, staging and special effects masters.

"This show is all about the folks in those chairs. I'm glad we have guests, but they are watching this show for the families on the field," he said. "Here everybody can be really close to this stage and feel more intimate with LeBron."

The 30,000 seats were snatched up in minutes.