Police are stepping up patrols on many local roadways as the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving is said to be the biggest party night of the year.

If you plan on drinking and not having a designated driver, WKYC Channel 3's Brandon Simmons found out what happens when you're pulled over for an O-V-I.

Imagine this scenario, you just left your family's house for the holidays and now you're on the road.

All of the sudden, you see blue and red lights flashing behind you. And the really bad news...you've been drinking. It's going to be a long day.

Brandon Simmons simulated the process of an arrest with Lt. Joe Davis from the Richfield Police Department.

When Davis pulls Brandon over, he asks "license plate and proof of insurance please."

Based on your driving patterns, or if an officer has reason to believe you're under the influence, they'll get you out of the car.

"You only had one or two huh… we need to make sure you're in a safe condition to drive," Davis says.

At that point the first step is to go through some field sobriety checks to check if you're sober.

You'll walk the line and probably have to follow the officer's finger with your eyes. If you fail, you'll hear the officer tell you, "Sir, please come with me."

You're headed to the backseat of a police cruiser. This is where you'll realize how serious the situation is. As officers search and inventory your car, it'll then get towed which will cost you later.

You're off to get booked in. Davis leads Brandon into the station and says, "Follow my instructions, face the fire extinguisher, and stop"

This area is called intake, where you'll be read your rights. All the paperwork gets filled out to go into the system. If you're cooperative you may be un-cuffed. Then they'll give you a breathalyzer test which you have the option to refuse, Brandon did it anyway.

"Keep blowing, Keep blowing," Davis instructs.

They'll also take your fingerprints and of course, they have to have a mugshot or two.

When they're done, you can post bond $404 dollars right way, or you get that one call phone to find someone who will.

"Understand your call is being recorded, please go ahead and make your phone call," Davis tells Brandon.

If you don't have the cash, you'll be staying the night and missing the holidays. You'll be enjoying your new clothes, 3 hots and a cot. A rather sobering experience.

Richfield police was nice enough to show us what happens in those first few hours. However you have to remember, it could cost thousands of dollars for a lawyer and court cases that follow. You could lose your license and you could spend more time in jail.

Bottom line, don't drink and drive.