CUYAHOGA FALLS -- The wait for help continues for hundreds of flooding victims after last week's severe storms.

Many still have not heard from their insurance companies.

For Tyler Cramer, flood waters hit him twice.

First they soaked his apartment, saturating his carpet and walls.

"There was at least two or three inches of water pouring in. It was like a scene put of the Titanic. I never thought I'd see anything like that in my life," said Cramer.

After a week and a half of complaining to Studio City Apartments, black colored mold is now growing.

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His car is even worse, flood waters almost reached his windows.

There is still water in the cup-holders. The car is totaled, but he depends on it to pay his bills.

"I'm a delivery driver. It's hard for me to live as it is. I can't afford a new car. I don't know what I will do," said Cramer.

He isn't the only one waiting on his insurance company for help, so is Bob Simes.

A waterline outside his basement shows how high the water rose, nearly 3 feet before it poured into his basement.

It's now growing mold.

After 43 years he wants to sell.

"Nobody is going to buy the house. They won't want it like this. So what do we do? We are stuck here," said Simes.

Both Simes and Cramer don't know what to do.

Their futures rely on insurance help, although neither expects to get what they need.

"I'm out a lot of money right now," sighed Cramer.

"We will just have to stay here and live it out and die here I guess," said Simes.

They say every time the skies turn gray they panic, preparing for yet another flood.