An old Akron nursing home has brought new hope to victims of domestic abuse. It's a place designed to bring peace to the lives of those caught in violence.

The Summit County Battered Women's Shelter hopes to be a place for victims to start over.

We met Star during our visit to the shelter. She took her three children and left her domestic abuse behind a week ago. She's now living in a women's shelter, but got a look at what she'll soon be moving into.

"It's just like a luxury room. That's what it feels like," she told us.

41 bedrooms can house 160 people. The city of Akron gave the old nursing home to the shelter and with 90% of community donations, it's almost ready to open.

"It's not just a shelter, it's place to start a new life," says Executive Director Terri Heckman. "It's a place for you to put in perspective what happened and then move on to a life of peace. And it all begins here."

And it's not just for domestic violence survivors. According to Heckman, the shelter can treat elder abuse, trafficking, or even men as victims.

The Summit County Battered Women's Shelter is designed for families and even pets. Everything that is needed to start over.

They want all of their survivors to move into this new location by December 15. In order to make that happen, they still need help from the community.

There is a registry at Target, where you can help the shelter with needed basic items like towels and sheets.

If you would like to help, click on here.