The Gay Games 9 get underway Saturday Aug. 9 with the opening ceremonies. They run through Aug. 16 in both Cleveland and Akron.

Most of what's planned during Gay Games 9 in Cleveland is free for anyone to watch or participate in, but 19 events require paid tickets.

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Mall C in downtown Cleveland is being transformed into Festival Village, the hub for all Gay Games participants, their friends and families, spectators and the general public.

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Need transportation?

Check Out : Transportation schedules for Cleveland and Akron

All transportation schedules for shuttles, etc.

You can also have fun on tours and excursions in and around Cleveland during the gay Games. The tours include the Beer and Bourbon Tour, the Out on the Town Tour, the Big City Tour, the Little City Tour and much more. The tours can be a pub crawl, taking in art museums, Lake Erie boat excursions and much more.

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